Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Evan Best

I started Simself out in Starlight Shores, the town that came with the Showtime expansion pack. I moved her into the townie Evan Best's house, and kicked out all the unnecessary Sims. I'm not trying to cause drama or whatever with my Simself, I just want to create some offspring. I kept Evan's dad, Paul in the house too because he wasn't going to have any issue with what I am doing.

This is what Evan looks like, I changed his hair, but nothing else, which is why he has that silly 70s porn star mustache. He's a police officer, which goes along with the mustache stereotype as he looks like a motorcycle cop. If he had a helmet, and sunglasses, he'd look like this guy.

Wierdly though, I feel like Evan looks a little like Jake Gyllenhaal.

I did change Evan's clothes too because he was working out in khaki cargo shorts, a boring tshirt and hiking boots. I don't foresee how any of that could be comfortable while running on a treadmill. After Simself and Evan did the deed, I noticed he'd have to get some different pajamas too because that robe is doing nothing for him.

Much better, now he looks like a man and less like he's wearing an ugly area rug. Now... we wait, to see what this child will look like. I'm keeping it a surprise as to how many and what gender. I didn't use any fertility treatment LTR, so chances of it being a single child are high.

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